#TBT to France

I wanted to share these few images that I shot on my last trip in August. This is Auvergne, where I grew up. Mountains, cows, cheese and charcuterie all the way 🙂 It’s also a place of contemplation where you can wander for kilometers without seeing anybody. There are so many trails and little wonders to explore – it’s incredible. For instance that last image is a retired shepherd’s refugee, we call it “buron”. Now it’s open for hikers. There is no key, no lock. Just enter, spend the night, clean up after yourself. It’s simply a wonderful experience to wake up hearing cows’ bells passing by.

Meet the fam’ – in these portraits are my dad Jacques, brother Xavier, and his son Louis. And Dori, the Fox Terrier.

San Francisco Portraiture PhotographerSan Francisco Portraiture PhotographerSan Francisco Portraiture Photographer

San Francisco Portraiture Photographer